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Quality control of concrete bricks

Concrete brick is a new wall materials, it helps promote the use of clay solid bricks and clay brick to reduce the production and use, are conducive to saving energy, protection of land resources, environmental protection, and its physical properties and wall mechanical properties of clay brick with the alternative conditions. However, if the quality of concrete and masonry brick production quality control is not the time, prone to "crack, permeability, heat, cold," and other common quality defects. Now concrete brick production quality management and control of a simple statement:
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1, concrete brick material management

1.1 The quality of raw material

(1) Cement. Production of Portland cement concrete or brick should be used in ordinary Portland cement, Portland cement should not be used as composite slag cement, fly ash and cement, because cement content in the mixed materials will affect the concrete mix proportion, very likely to affect the quality of concrete brick products, resulting in decrease of the strength of concrete brick and drying shrinkage increases and so on. Storage of cement should be kept dry, rain and moisture to prevent deterioration, outdated cement should be downgraded to use or stop using.

 (2) aggregate. According to the local resources can be used quarry fines in the tailings - powder (stone chips, referred to as powder) as a filler aggregate particles can also choose a certain strength nor the existing industrial solid waste or hazardous construction wastes as aggregate fill, aggregate in the clay content as low as possible, hazardous substances (ie mica, coal, organic matter, sulfide, etc.) content in the specified range. But also for aggregate gradation stars better, particle size is moderate, and at least 20% -25% relative coarse aggregate, in order to facilitate the strength of reinforced concrete brick, concrete brick to reduce drying shrinkage. Aggregate approach should be someone special inspection and acceptance, to prevent the thickness, composition changes are too large to affect the concrete mix, until the quality of concrete brick. Should also be prohibited unqualified aggregate into the plant should be water-resistant storage of aggregate measures and should ensure the normal production of storage capacity. Aggregate should always be kept dry state, the aggregate result of the rain will affect the amount of water when mixing until the final quality of concrete brick.

1.2 Proportion of raw materials

The main indicators of the quality of concrete cube compressive strength of concrete, concrete cube compressive strength and cement they use is proportional to the strength and dosage. The strength of concrete brick by brick in the hole and also with the mechanical strength of the molding pressure, it is not a concrete brick compressive strength of concrete cube strength. Concrete mix of raw materials directly affect the compressive strength of concrete cubes, concrete cube compressive strength has a direct impact on the strength of concrete brick.

Reasonable laboratory concrete mix is ​​determined by experiments, in addition to meet the strength, durability, and conservation of raw materials, we must also meet the dry hard concrete brick making, workability requirements. Lab mix in the aggregate obtained under clean and dry, and the actual lifetime of the aggregate in water content and there are differences in clay content. For example, the rain water content increased the aggregate, and aggregate the upper and lower clay content decreased with increased mud content. In this case, it must promptly adjust the amount of water when mixing concrete to prevent water-cement ratio increases and the clay content exceeded the number leaving a relative shortage of cement phenomenon. Therefore, control of raw materials of concrete mix to ensure the quality of concrete itself, to ensure the quality of the final concrete brick.
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1.3 Measurement of raw materials

 Composition of various raw materials of concrete, tests shall be determined by the production of concrete with brick in a variety of materials than the correct measurement. Measurement methods should be avoided by measuring the volume of material (for example, the number of used dump trucks, trolleys number of shovel number, etc.), use the weight of the material measured. Concrete batching system dispensing equipment shall be equipped with automatic weighing and measuring equipment often proofreading accuracy.

1.4 Cement content

Cement content should be in accordance with the laboratory mix design and aggregate moisture content, clay content and so the amount of scientific adjusted. Approximate strength of concrete solid brick reflects the strength of concrete material itself.

The strength of concrete brick and concrete strength of the material itself is inconsistent. Therefore, the production of concrete brick cement content of concrete materials in the production of concrete solid bricks of concrete materials based on the amount of cement porosity increased after considering the amount of cement. In short, the cement content should be scientific, not mixed with cement as possible.

1.5 Mixing of raw materials

Making concrete brick concrete material used should be compulsory, from mixing concrete mixer. Mixer size should be chosen with the entire production line of pressing equipment to match. When mixing the feed, according to aggregate ratio by adding after weighing weighing adding cement, dry mix of about 60S measured after mixing with water of about 120S, stir casting future generations. Stirring time is too short or too long will cause uneven mixing. The actual production process, raw materials, degree of mixing time and wet the bricks to the pressing slightly on the port slurry appears to avoid the hands touch the water outside the state of the mud is appropriate. Material is too wet or too dry, add water performance measurement is not accurate, it will affect the quality of concrete brick.

2, process control
brick machine,Pavers,Color brick,Cement blockBlock Making Machine
2.1 timely and appropriate feeding

In the concrete brick molding process, according to the new and old die wear adjustment, increase the volume of feed and feeding time to ensure that the number of feeding, while ensuring that brick ribs, wall thickness and density. If the ribs, wall thickness too excessive wear on the description of the mold should be replaced.

2.2 Pressing

Pressing, the mechanical strength of the brick forming pressure than should be appropriate to increase the number, in order to suppress the appearance of a small brick forming pores is appropriate, help enhance the bond strength of masonry and stucco layer to enhance the overall strength of the wall.

2.3 molding cycle and concrete brick concrete brick molding machine cycle instructions should be controlled to ensure that the density of bricks as the goal, the general control of the molding cycle of about 1 8S.

 2.4 stacked bricks forming the wet

Mechanism of forming just need to manually move the wet bricks placed. As the bricks do not have the strength at this time, easily crushed, bruised and out of edge chipping, may affect the formation of internal injuries after the final quality of concrete brick. Therefore, wet bricks first to be made in the workshop resting and resting time should not be stacked too high, and it is not mechanical clamps brick move.

3, the conservation of concrete brick

3.1 Maintenance of

Hydraulic concrete materials for the concrete strength of the growth process is actually the hydration process. Imputation from the growth curve of concrete strength can be seen, concrete forming, 7d is a strength within the period of rapid growth, therefore, normal concrete curing time at room temperature not less than 7d, to prevent the concrete in the strength of the growth process due to dehydration cause strength loss. Therefore, concrete brick resting in the workshop when the 24h-36h against water, to prevent loss of slurry. Go to the outdoor nature conservation or water conservation should be covered idiot light steam curing plastic film cover.

The strength of concrete based on standard conditions of temperature and humidity determined the conservation 28d. So, although the curing conditions, generally not issued a standard temperature and humidity maintenance, but still want to achieve as much as possible and close to the standard conditions, and conservation must be a period of more than 28d. Therefore, the conservation of the natural concrete brick must be 28d. Even if the concrete curing 28d completed its own only 60% of shrinkage. If the plant when conditions permit stacking curing time should be added to improve the curing conditions to reduce the drying shrinkage of concrete brick and reinforced concrete brick strength.

Winter due to low temperatures, stacked field is required grass cover film and sealed curing, curing time needs to be extended to 2 months.

3.2 Indoor resting

Mechanism of concrete brick forming just after resting in the workshop should be more than 24h before they moved to outdoor venues stacking. No indoor resting conditions, must be resting time to take cover on the wet tiles, shelter and other insulation, thermal insulation measures to prevent direct rain, sun and causing the loss of cement slurry and cement hydration water loss. Winter on the mechanism of forming the wet bricks first to take freezing measures to prevent cracking bricks

3.3 Outdoor Nature Conservancy

Convalesce after the concrete brick water conservation measures should be taken, under normal circumstances forming mechanism of water after 24h-36h.

To do a good job Zhuandui particular peripheral side of the brick surface and water conservation, water conservation not be less than 2 ld, but the bricks out

Factory to protect the bricks dry.

4, concrete brick factory quality control

4.1 Curing of concrete brick to reach more than 28d, strength to meet the design requirements before the factory, the factory must be issued "product certification." Bricks into the construction site must be in accordance with the requirements of the construction side code to push and tidy, not dump unloading to reduce the mechanical damage the bricks.

4.2 concrete brick factory, the enterprise should be quality conscious track, understand and master their own concrete products, quality and use.

4.3 The material properties for concrete brick, according to the specifications and guidance on the proper use of concrete construction unit brick, found time to help correct the problems, work together to ensure the wall after brick wall on the quality.

4.4 concrete brick manufacturing enterprises should carry out research and application of supporting materials, such as the amount of surface material-specific, special masonry mortar, mortar, stucco plastering dedicated, alkali glass fiber network fabric to improve the overall quality of their products after-sales reputation.

5, other

The basic material is a concrete brick concrete, enterprises should be based on production needs with skilled, willing to delve into the construction or building materials professional and technical staff, required staff according to equipment, raw materials and finished products of the actual situation, adjust the ratio of raw materials, adjust equipment operating parameters, to ensure the normal operation of equipment to ensure the quality of the final concrete brick. Meanwhile, enterprises should be organized to learn about the construction norms, standards and procedures, and study of concrete brick masonry techniques to help with the proper use of concrete brick units to enhance their products in the construction market adaptability.